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how it all began

In 2007, our founders Steve and Debbie Parsons decided to change their life journey and start a new business with the promise of greatness.

Focussing on a quiet end of Southsea Seafront, they began with core values that continue to make up the foundation of Coffee Cup today – a high quality product in clean, well designed and well maintained premises, accompanied with fantastic customer service.

Originally in a small mobile kiosk, our reputation started to spread and we were soon looking for ways to upgrade our offer and grow our business.

Steve and Debbie were joined by their four son’s and daughter as the business started to grow all of whom continue to play a key role in ensuring the smooth running of our Coffee Shops, whilst always looking at ways to improve and grow further.

With five locations open 364 days a year and the dream of further developments in the near future, Coffee Cup continues to go from strength to strength.

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We are proud to be recognised for our achievement which further acknowledges the quality of our offering, here is a selection of the awards we have received in recent years:

2016 – Venus ‘Business of the year’ award

2016 - 2021 – Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award (previously named certificate of excellence)

2019 – 2021 – Sluurpy certificate of excellence award

2020 – ‘Coffee Retailer of the year – Hampshire’ award – Food and Drink Magazine

2020 – ‘Coffee Shop of the year’ – South England Prestige awards

2021 – Restaurant Guru – ‘Best Coffee House’ award


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